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During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, Zoom became a household brand name. People were able to communicate across the world via the Zoom platform. One notable thing about Zoom was the company used a ccTLD domain name – Zoom.us – for its website.
Smartly, in 2018, Zoom was able to acquire its brand match Zoom.com domain name. The acquisition price for Zoom.com was reportedly $2 million, as recorded by Namebio. Andrew Rosener sold Zoom.com to the platform. This turned out to be a prescient acquisition given the hockey stick-like growth seen by Zoom as quarantines spread across the world and working from home became the norm.
My bet is the company intended to migrate from Zoom.us to Zoom.com, but that would have been a bit risky at the time. Instead, the company forwarded its Zoom.com domain name to Zoom.us for many years. This was the safe move, and it allowed Zoom to market Zoom.com without really confusing consumers or potentially facing any downtime during a domain name transition.
It appears that Zoom is getting ready to make the move from .us to .com. Drew Wash shared an excerpt of an email he received from Zoom announcing a change to the company’s email structure:
Looks like Zoom is finally moving from a .US to the .COM domain.#Zoom #Domains pic.twitter.com/Ft2AU8oy72
— Drew Wash (@drewwash) November 27, 2023

Drew was kind enough to forward the email he received, which I pasted below.
I suspect this is the start of the company fully moving from its Zoom.us presence to Zoom.com. I would imagine the entire website and presence will migrate to Zoom.com from Zoom.us within the year. Zoom has always been known simply as Zoom, and operating on Zoom.com makes the most sense for the company going forward.
Upcoming Email Address Domain Change
Hi there,
I am reaching out to inform you that over the next few months we will be migrating our email addresses from @zoom.us to @zoom.com. You may receive emails from both domains, and I want to assure you that emails from these two domains are legitimate. To ensure there are no issues in communications and that you continue to receive emails from the Zoom Team, I recommend that you:
– Update your contacts with my new zoom.com email address to prevent them from being sent to your spam folder.
– Ensure that your systems include ‘zoom.com’ on your allow list where applicable (e.g., email filtering and spam systems).
– In the coming months, you’ll also notice our website and other collateral change to zoom.com.
If you have any questions or experience any issues, feel free to reach out to ​customer-success-advisor@zoom.us​ or our Support Team for assistance.
Thank you,
Zoom Success Advisor
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