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Websites of the Republika Srpska moved to the Domain of Serbia – Sarajevo Times

Seven days after they were blocked and lost in the internet space, the websites of the Government of Republika Srpska (RS)are available on the domain of neighboring Serbia.
Apart from the Government of RS and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RS, the website of the Inspectorate of the Government of the RS was not available for days, but since November 1st, the website can be accessed at domain rs.
The predsjednikrs.net page was also not available for several days, and now it appeared on predsjednikrs.rs. domain.
A search of the publicly available global “WHOIS” record, which contains basic data on where and when websites were registered, showed that the new domain “vladars.rs” is registered in the Belgrade company Hosting Mania, which deals with web-hosting services.
The domain “vladars.rs” was bought by the Banja Luka company Prointer ITSS on October 26th, it was unofficially confirmed from this company.
In the official written response, they said that the vladars.rs domain was leased through Hosting Mania, “but it is not hosted on our servers”. A search on the Hostingchecker page shows that the hosting server is Telekom Srpske, a telecommunications operator based in Banja Luka, which is owned by Telekom Srbije.
From the beginning of 2022, the company Prointer ITSS concluded several contracts with the Government of the RS, according to data in the Register of Public Procurement of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).
The Banja Luka company Prointer, when asked by journalistswhether and in whose name they leased the domain, said that they “do not have complete information on the issues that are the subject of interest”.
To recall, Milorad Dodik, the President of the RS, confirmed on July 18th, 2019 that his son, Igor Dodik, cooperates with Prointer.
Were websites abolished due to sanctions against certain RS officials?
The Prime Minister of the entity RS, Radovan Viskovic, announced that the problem with the website downtime wouldbe resolved in the “next two or three days”.
Viskovic, who since July of this year has been on the list of sanctioned persons in the United States (U.S.) for threats to the Dayton Peace Agreement, the integrity and sovereignty of BiH, said that the pages were “shut down by the Americans”.
The Ministry of Finance of the U.S. did not respond to a journalist’s inquiry about whether there was a “cancellation of pages”, as stated by Viskovic, within the framework of the application of sanctions to certain leaders in the RS, Slobodna Evropa reports.
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