Dec '23

USSOUTHCOM, GDF collaborating in cyber domain – Stabroek News

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As part of the United States’ and Guyana’s continuing military-to-military partnership, from December 5-7, the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), Florida Air National Guard, and interagency personnel met with the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) to assess its military communications network and to discuss emerging threats in the cyber and 5G domains.   
A joint release today from USSOUTHCOM and the GDF said that the participants discussed how the GDF has made significant progress in implementing recommendations from the assessment to improve their cyber security posture. The release said that the US representatives and GDF reaffirmed their mutual commitment to work together on countering threats in the cyber domain and discussed how the next engagement can build on the success of last week’s conference. The meeting built on the baseline cyber assessment conducted in March 2023. 
Following USSOUTHCOM Commander Gen. Laura Richardson’s visit to Guyana in July 2023, the United States and Guyana agreed to increase cooperation in the cyber domain.  
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