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Ubisoft has registered domain names for 'Might & Magic Fates' | VGC – Video Games Chronicle

Its Shanghai studio was previously hiring for “a new Might & Magic AAA game”
Ubisoft has registered domain names for what appears to be an unannounced Might and Magic game.
As spotted by X user Kurakasis, last month Ubisoft snapped up the domain names mightandmagicfates.com and might-and-magic-fates.com.
While unconfirmed, it’s speculated that these could be linked to previous Ubisoft Shanghai job listings, which said the Chinese studio was developing “a new Might & Magic AAA game”.
One position it was seeking to fill was that of world director, with the successful candidate expected to have significant experience developing open-world games.
The Might & Magic franchise dates back to 1986 when the first title in the series, Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum, was released for Apple II, Mac, MS-DOS, Commodore 64, NES MSX and PC-Engine.
Just in case Ubisoft decides to hide their name tomorrow 🫡https://t.co/Qtal6Lboj2https://t.co/gRa1gUukZl pic.twitter.com/p5C4c94ezu
— Kurakasis (@Kurakasis) December 13, 2023

The series was originally developed by New World Computing before the company was folded into 3DO in 1996.
In 2003, following the collapse of 3DO, Ubisoft purchased the rights to Might & Magic for $1.3 million.
The last numbered series entry, Might & Magic X: Legacy, was released in 2014 for PC and Mac.
It was the first mainline Might & Magic game in 12 years, marking the longest gap between numbered series entries since its inception.
Published by Ubisoft and developed by Limbic Entertainment, Might & Magic X has a score of 71 on review aggregator Metacritic.
According to Ubisoft, “over three decades, the Might and Magic franchise has spawned over 50 classic fantasy video games across multiple platforms from PC to consoles to web games, and recently on mobile, including the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might & Magic 3, first person action title Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, and 1v99 auto-battler Might & Magic: Chess Royale.”
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