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Two Simple but Valuable Pieces of Domain Investing Advice – DomainInvesting.com

At a high level, domain investing appears to be a simple money making activity. Buy great domain names at good prices and sell them profitably to buyers who want to build businesses on them. In practice, profitable domain investing is a capital-intensive business with considerable nuance.
This morning on Twitter, I came across two very good pieces of advice new domain investors should consider.
The first is from AbdulBasit Makrani:
It can be either intentional or by mistake. Can’t say for sure. Also I suggest not to buy domains with only one potential buyer in sight.
— AbdulBasit Makrani (@abmakrani) December 13, 2023

This is wise for at least two reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that if the one prospective buyer doesn’t want to buy the domain name, nobody else will. There’s also a pretty good chance that prospect had the opportunity to register or acquire the domain name but passed. The second reason is the potential for trademark risk. If the brand is unique – and there is only one brand – buying the matching domain name could be a trademark violation. This could turn the domain name into a liability.
The second piece of advice is from Robin Hablani:
A piece of advice for new Domainers.
End users don't by CRAP! That's the reason why domains don't sell.
MenInBlack makes sense✅ whereas MensInBlack doesn't❌
It's harsh, but true.
Good Luck🤞😊
— Robin (@RobinHablani) December 12, 2023

This should be the most obvious, basic advice for someone who wants to buy domain names. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t understand. I have often chalked it up to language / translation issues. It’s a reason why I tend to stay away from domain names in non-English languages.
One way someone can ensure their domain name makes sense is to search the term in Google with quotes. A search of “men in black” would yield many results, while a search of “mens in black” would not. Unfortunately, Google stopped showing the number of results, which makes this a bit less useful.
Domain investing is not a get rich quick business. There can be a steep, costly learning curve to achieve success as a hobby or a business.
Unless you are convinced that one buyer will need the name if they are well invested into it .I sold a name with one buyer in mind just last week.All they needed was a two word brand name but they added mfg to what they have been using .
So reminding customers it is brand + mdg didn’t make sense .Sold for $5k after they missed out paying $2k 6 years ago .
Newbies who don’t know much should stay away from one buyer if they haven’t done their research. I also sold another name for $26999 with one buyer in mind who happened to be a big fitness company. This time with the word group after the brand name .They later secured their brand name after buying my name .
Most people buy crap because they don’t don’t do research. Then complain that domaining is dead. Sometimes companies drop names mistakenly also ,and must have secured the
Com to protect their brand or leak .
A piece of advice for new Domainers
Don’t follow any advice.from those so called domain experts.
Domaining is like growing up,you need to make mistakes along the way,that how you learn about life experiences.
Domaining is not rocket science and not surgery, nobody dies,when you made your first sale you should thank BullshitWebsites.com

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A piece of advice for new Domainers Don’t follow any advice.from those so called domain experts. Domaining is like growing…
Unless you are convinced that one buyer will need the name if they are well invested into it .I sold…
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