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Tips to avoid online scams while shopping this holiday season – WSET

by Mia Nelson
There are some ways to help protect yourself from falling victim to cyber scams this holiday season.

Katalin Parti an assistant professor at Virginia Tech whose research focuses on cybercrime, said when ordering online you need to watch out for imposter websites.
"We must be very attentive to how the websites that we usually order our gifts look like. Sometimes the logo is off. Sometimes the domain name is different," Parti said.
There are also some ways to monitor your accounts as well.
Parti said you can enable purchase alerts on credit cards, disable international purchases unless you’re going overseas, and make purchases on your home or cellular network and never on public Wi-Fi.
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Parti also said that scammers like to take advantage of this time of year which is the season of giving as well.
She said to do your research to make sure the charities you are donating to are legit.
"Always go to their website and try to try to determine whether they are they are legit charity organizations," Parti said. "False charities like to mimic other popular charities if they seem too close in name to another, but it doesn't match. It might not be real."
Parti also said it's very important to closely review any emails.
She said don't click on unsolicited links and be aware of the red flags of email phishing.
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"Hover your cursor to the email address. Check out the domain name sometimes it's just a little bit different than the domain names of your trusted companies," Parti said, "We have seen email as with bad grammar."
Parti adds that if you do find that you have been a victim of a cybercrime, please report it to your local law enforcement agency, the local FBI, or the Better Business Bureau.




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