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The .TR extension now available to applicants with second-level domain names – Gandi News – Gandi.net

Through its TRABIS system, the Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) has launched the .tr hierarchical domain via their TRABIS system. Category 3 opened on February 14, and applies to registrants of second-level domain names of the Turkish ccTLD.
With this new phase in the launch of second-level extensions of the Turkish ccTLD, holders of second-level .tr domain names can apply for the .tr extension as of August 25, 2023. Priority will be given to holders of “a.tr” domain names, in this order:
Prospective .tr registrants therefore have until May 14, 2024 to submit their applications, and the attribution procedure will run until June 14. This is the third phase in a “grandfathering” process that has enabled organizations that own domain names in .gov.tr, .tsk.t, .pol.tr, .k12.tr as well as institutional players (companies, public utility associations, professional organizations, etc.) that own domain names in .org.tr to secure their .tr domain names without fear of competing with a third party.
Following this period of sponsorship, .tr will enter the General Availability phase on June 14, 2024. From then on, .tr will be awarded on a “first come, first served” basis.
Turkey’s ccTLD has been governed by the Information and Communication Technology Authority since 2010. Its centralized system TRABIS has been operational since September 2022, replacing the “first come, first served” basis involving the submission of documents hitherto in force.
This Grandfathering phase followed by the general release of .tr finalizes the liberalization of this extension, whose registrations were previously subject to conditions and registry verifications. This move therefore represents a risk for brands, all the more so if they operate in a market of over 80 million inhabitants.
If you own one of these second-level .tr domain names and would like to position yourself on the .tr market, please contact Gandi Corporate Services.
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