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Squadhelp Founder Darpan Munjal shared some data that I found interesting and potentially helpful to my business. Darpan shared the sell through rate (STR) for a variety of “brandable” types of domain names listed for sale on Squadhelp. While the typical buyer on Squadhelp may differ from other platforms and from other domain name buyers in general, I think this information is useful:
Brandable domains use several different styles
Alliteration: LuluLemon, Animals: MailChimp
Blends: Groupon, Colors: BlueNile
Made Up: Vimeo, Misspelled: Houzz
Play on Words: Pawfection
This & That: Paper & Stich
We analyzed the STR by style and see some interesting correlations pic.twitter.com/jCYYuZhia2
— Darpan (@darpanmunjal) October 12, 2023

I haven’t always loved “brandable” types of domain names beyond empty-vessel one or two word .com domain names that could be used as unrelated brand names. Just one example of a generic but brandable 2 word .com off the top of my head is BaldEagle.com, which I thought could be used by an organization that helps Bald Eagles or it could be used by a brand called Bald Eagle. I sold it, and it is not being used related to its real meaning.
During the past several years, I have bought into more brandable types of domain names. Sticking with the animal theme, I own WiseEagle.com, WhiteEagle.com, and BlueHummingbird.com. All three of these names would be considered brandable.
When looking at the STR stats shared by Darpan, what surprised me a bit was the lower STR for Animal and Color names. I would have guessed the STR would have been higher for those. I will retain that information as I am buying domain names, and it might be helpful with pricing my names. In addition, I would probably be reluctant to list additional names like those on SH and be more inclined to list other names in categories with higher STR.
I have been considering adding a few of my one word .coms to Squadhelp – like Stampede.com, Honeydew.com, and Butterscotch.com because I think these would make exceptional brand names. My hold up is the higher commission rate vs. my own platform and the fact that I can’t really negotiate my own sales on the platform. I enjoy the back and forth of a negotiation. I also think domain name values are dynamic, and I hesitate listings one word .coms with BIN prices. That being said, I may continue to add a few of my less valuable one word .com names given the higher STR.
I wish other platforms shared the type of data that Squadhelp is sharing…
I too did not expect the animals/colors/feminine to be that low on STR and was also surprised by the high STR on phrases and “this and that” categories- great info
Looking at the graph I don’t see the baseline number
7% of what…
5% of 100 or 10000
And where the traffic coming from?

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This also happens to me all the time with many extensions. I have seen my own domains available for hand…
This same thing has happened to me numerous times at GoDaddy over the last 10 years. It’s not just .ai…
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