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Stephen Colbert takes Tucker Carlson domain name to lampoon dictator fanboy – Daily Kos

Tucker Carlson now has a streaming service. For $9 a month, you can watch Tucker Carlson spew his racist and anti-democratic verbal vomit from a kitschy, undisclosed location, unencumbered by timid Fox News bean counters.
The $9 price for Carlson’s streaming service seems kind of high to me, given that I’m reluctant to pay for streaming services with shows I actually like, such as Netflix and Paramount+. Those streaming services have plans with lower prices.
Late night comedian Stephen Colbert had a parody of the Carlson’s streaming service ready on his Late Show last night. The parody streaming service is called Tuckflix, with a logo that looks suspiciously like the Netflix logo.
Tuckflix will have such shows as Skewed Claims (a parody of Squid Games, obviously), Orange Is the New Sack (lampooning Carlson’s obsession with testicle tanning) and Is He Cake? I’m not sure what that last one is supposed to be a parody of. But it sure does look more entertaining than whatever shows run on Carlson’s actual streaming service.
One would think that domain name registration would be a top priority for someone launching a new streaming platform. Since the new streaming service is called Tucker Carlson Network, I would have assumed that he would have secured the domain name Tucker Carlson Network dot com (couldn’t use pravda dot com, already taken) and put up a page through which you can sign up to shell out those nine bucks monthly.
But nope, that domain name is not configured. It’s available through GoDaddy though, but you have to pay a $70 broker fee and I don’t know how much more money on top of that.
Colbert noticed that thetuckercarlsonnetwork.com was available, presumably for much less, so he bought it and redirected it to video578.godaddysites.com. On that website, you can watch a short clip of an animated Tucker Carlson doing a traditional Russian dance.
It’s no secret that Carlson is a big fan of Dictator Putin. The supposedly duly elected president of Russia recently had opponent Alexey Navalny “disappeared.” That’s really unnecessary, given that Putin won the last election with 125% of the vote.
If you scroll below the animated Carlson, you will see links to donate to causes dear to Colbert: the World Central Kitchen, Donors Choose and the Human Rights Campaign. I’m guessing Carlson would not want you to donate to any of those.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs on CBS at 11:35 p.m. Eastern on weekdays. The show returned with new episodes Monday night following Colbert’s recovery from appendicitis.




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