Nov '23

Saber Astronautics awarded million$ USSF contract for cislunar … – SatNews


Saber Astronautics has received $1.2 million contract from the U.S. Space Force (USSF) to develop new maneuver planning capabilities — the USSF funded this contract under a U.S. Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase II program, highlighting Saber Astronautics’ commitment to advancing space domain awareness and enhancing the safety and efficiency of space operations.
In collaboration with Purdue University’s world-class astrodynamics team, Saber Astronautics aims to revolutionize the prediction and management of satellites traveling in the space between Earth and Moon’s orbit. Otherwise known as cislunar the region is gaining attention from both military and commercial organizations. This partnership combines Saber’s expertise in space technology with Purdue University’s astrodynamics research to address the unique challenges presented by the cislunar environment.
Saber Astronautics will leverage this partnership to develop innovative methods for predicting and planning satellite maneuvers in this challenging regime. This research will enable the USSF to improve its Space Domain Awareness capabilities by providing more accurate tracking and monitoring of satellites operating in these complex regimes.
One of the most exciting aspects of the project is the direct deployment of these capabilities to space operators through Saber Astronautics’ Space Domain Awareness (SDA) software, Space Cockpit™. Currently in use by the USSF and more than 2000 operators worldwide, Space Cockpit™ offers operators a powerful tool for monitoring and managing space assets.
With the addition of these new capabilities, Space Cockpit™ users will gain access to a sandbox environment where they can model threats and plan maneuvers in non-standard orbits. The sandbox will empower operators to anticipate and respond to potential challenges, ensuring safety of flight.
We are thrilled to collaborate with the US Space Force on this ground-breaking initiative. This contract represents a significant advancement in our own spaceflight capabilities and provide the tools operators need to succeed in the complex CisLunar environment. Our partnership with Purdue University’s astrodynamics team further reinforces our commitment to bringing cutting-edge research and innovation into real-world operational use.” — Dr. Jason Held, CEO, Saber Astronautics
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