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A new, must-see event for business leaders, tech and privacy pros who work with AI to learn about practical AI governance, accountability, fairness testing and more.
Europe’s top experts offer pragmatic insights into the evolving landscape and share knowledge on best practices for your data protection operation.
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Introduction to Resource Center
This page provides an overview of the IAPP’s Resource Center offerings.
Contact Resource Center
For any Resource Center related inquiries, please reach out to resourcecenter@iapp.org.Last Updated: November 2023
Privacy engineering is a critically important discipline in the privacy community. It involves applying systematic, scientific or methodological approaches to include privacy requirements in the design, development and operations of systems and services in various domains, including software development, system design, data science, physical architecture, process design, information technology infrastructure and human-computer interaction/user experience design.
These resources are intended to facilitate a deeper understanding of and collaboration within the increasingly important field of privacy engineering.
The first chart in the series defines privacy engineering and each subsequent chart gives an illustrative overview of some privacy engineering domains, highlighting key responsibilities, skills and organizational governance. The upcoming charts in the series are listed here.
Privacy Engineering Domains
Published charts in series
Defining Privacy Engineering
This chart provides a broad definition of privacy engineering and highlights various domains in which privacy engineers can significantly impact the protection of privacy.
View Chart
IT infrastructure architect
This chart focuses on IT infrastructure architects, whose responsibilities include developing IT infrastructure to ensure data flows between systems have data-use controls in place.
View Chart
Coming soon
Listed below are the upcoming charts to be published in this series.
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