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Foster City, California–(Newsfile Corp. – November 27, 2023) –   MetaNovas, an innovative player in the biopharma and consumer health industry, has been named a winner in the prestigious L'Oréal North Asia Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program. This accolade underscores MetaNovas' unique approach to integrating scientific rigor from pharmaceutical development into the consumer health sphere, especially in developing clinical-grade consumer health products.
As the only company capable of end-to-end development, MetaNovas offers a comprehensive understanding from biological insights to final product creation. This distinct capability has set MetaNovas apart in the industry, especially in understanding consumer markets and applying technology to address consumer health problems.
The L'Oréal North Asia Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program, the first of its kind by the French beauty giant, aims to drive innovation and co-create future beauty solutions across China, Japan, and South Korea. MetaNovas was among the select winners who demonstrated exceptional capabilities in fields such as operations, digital innovation, research, sustainability, generative AI, raw materials, and beauty device development.

MetaNovas' participation in L'Oréal's program highlights their technological prowess in enhancing R&D innovation within the cosmetic industry. Initially focused on drug discovery and developing new therapeutic solutions for clinical problems, MetaNovas has successfully expanded its expertise to the beauty industry. Their technology has notably reduced the traditional months-long R&D process to just a few weeks, significantly accelerating product development and market readiness.
"MetaNovas is not just a company; it's a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, creating a future where science and technology converge to redefine the landscape of health and wellness," says Lun Yu, Co-Founder of MetaNovas.
The win also grants MetaNovas the opportunity to collaborate further with L'Oréal, join the North Asia Big Bang Entrepreneur Community, and showcase their innovations on strategic regional and global platforms. This recognition at the China International Import Expo (CIIE), attended by over 3,000 businesses from nearly 150 countries, marks a significant milestone for MetaNovas in the global consumer health and beauty tech space.

As MetaNovas looks to the future, their mission remains steadfast: to bring science-backed solutions into the consumer health product sector, enhancing the quality of human life. Their focus on developing products that address everyday health challenges and promote better mental health is at the core of their philosophy.
For more information about MetaNovas and their innovative approaches in the consumer health industry, visit https://www.metanovas.com
About MetaNovas
MetaNovas stands at the forefront of biopharmaceutical and consumer health innovation, blending its biopharma origins with a commitment to developing clinical-grade products for everyday wellness. Its distinction in the field is highlighted by its recognition at the 2023 IFSCC Congress and inclusion among the 250 Most Promising Early-stage Digital Health Ventures. Central to MetaNovas' innovative edge are four core technology platforms: MetaNLP, which processes millions of scientific documents into accessible data for navigating complex biological domains; MetaKG, a biomedical knowledge graph fostering novel discoveries and product development; MetaOmics, focusing on precision-targeted products based on multi-omics data for specific demographics; and MetaPep, combining deep learning and molecular simulations to design bioactive peptides. These platforms, along with collaborations with leaders like L'Oréal, propel MetaNovas in transforming the consumer health landscape by making scientifically validated products widely available.
Media Contact
Lun Yu
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