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A few years ago, I made an offer to buy a one word .com domain name. My offer was reasonable, but it was a bit lower than I felt the wholesale value was in order to be able to negotiate a bit with the seller. The domain registrant counter-offered a bit higher than what I offered.
Ordinarily, when I receive a counter-offer that is very close to my offer, I will accept it. I don’t want to lose a deal trying to get a marginally better deal. I’ve lost too many domain names trying to save a few dollars.
In this case, though, I thanked the seller for his counter-offer, declined the offer, and I completely walked away.
Shortly after making my offer, Google and LinkedIn searches made me realize I f-ed up. The domain name I was trying to buy was a one word .com domain name, but the spelling was slightly different than the actual one word .com domain name I intended to buy. The domain name I made an offer to buy was significantly less valuable than the domain name I wanted to buy. My offer was much closer to its retail value than the wholesale value.
When the seller made a counter-offer to me, he was effectively declining my offer. I was off the hook. Minor crisis averted.
Had the seller accepted, I would have honored my offer and begrudgingly gone through with the deal. Even though I probably would have lost a fair amount of money on a re-sale, I wouldn’t have risked my reputation by making an offer and not following through. The potential reputational damage would have been far more severe than a financial loss for me.
This was a lucky break, and it was a good reminder for me to double check the spelling of a domain name I want to buy!
This is how I learned to correctly spell “raccoon.”
LOL.. in my case, the domain name I tried to buy wasn’t a misspelling or alternative spelling. It was a different word with a totally different meaning!
You can have all the skills you have but it still takes luck, timing and at the right place and at the right moment and of course where you were born….tell that to the people in Gaza..
I usually like reading your comments but in this case the last part is bulls…… :-).
They brought it on themselves.
The issue is education.  I am always for talking with the others and tried not to blame Hamas for what they are as that is the way they were educated and brain washed. But what happened to Israel was just a massacre. They purposely targeted a nature party and they just shot ,tortured, murdered, raped and dragged kids, young women and men and slaughtered them. They cut their private parts, beheaded innocent people. Parents were brutally murdered in front of their kids.. eyes, babies were just slaughtered. Horrible. They also took many as hostages too. More than 200 youngsters were murdered there.
In 9/11 3000 people were approximately murdered in the US. This is out of a population of at least 300M. We are at most 10M people. There are 1300 people murdered by Hamas. In US numbers it is as if 30,000 people were murdered in 9/11. So these are insane numbers.  This is 10 times more of what  9/11 was to the US (!!).
The US went to war for a lot less(!!)
The us went hundreds and thousands of miles from their own border. We went less than 5 miles..
We have been struck in our homes.  With all honesty.. I am totally fine with obliterating Gaza. There is a limit of what a country can take. I am not for killing little kids. God forbid. But they educate them from age 0 (!!)) that the US, Israel and the western world are all to be destroyed and murdered. Those kids will grow up to be future terrorists. We give whoever wants a chance to leave.. but whoever stays- will have to bear the consequence. 
We have been suffering from them for years. We are for peace. But the Palestinian authority and Hamas are terrorists just like ISIS. They educate their kids to hate, murder and that life has no meaning. A 3 year old gets candy when he stabs a picture of an American soldier or Israeli person. The western world represents all evil in their eyes.
So this is going to take time and many countries will side with Gaza, but the bottom line is that no country would agree to such a thing that has been ongoing for many years. 
The Palestinians have more than 20 Arab countries they can leave too.
We have one Jewish homeland. That is it.
We are smaller than New-Jersey in size.
They chose the way of death as their way of life.
A few more points… Don’t flatter yourself that there are innocent people in Gaza. They are less than 1% of the population.
They voted in Hamas again and again. They are a terrorist country. The polls there show more than 75% support for them in Gaza over the years.
There were youngsters who were not in official Hamas but came in to rape and kill Jews on the 7th of October, called their moms proudly telling them they killed Jews in their bare hands. The mom and pops were so proud of them. How do I know this is true. Those animals…(actually this is an insult to animals who are more civilized than them) filmed themselves. So basically there is no one innocent in Gaza. Dream on!!! And to give you another example: There were Palestinians who worked in Israel in the those villages. They made a living and were treated nicely as friends. They gave intel on all those villages and they themselves joined in those attacks.
Do you think there were no civilians killed in world war 2? Did the UK and USA not target Germany? They did. Innocent people die. That is part of war. You started the war. You support Hamas. You are therefore a terrorist country. You will need to bear the price for that. Its that simple. All the rest is bulls….(!!!)
Syria- their president killed millions of his own people and the world kept quiet. Who helped them? Israel. Israel had hospitals and took in refuges and people who needed help from Syria.
That is hypocrisy at its best.
You will say.. we are civilized and cant act like Hamas. Well, we are not . We do not rape, behead people. We try to avoid civilians, even though to be honest they are not innocent at all.
By the way, there is no such thing as a Palestinian. As a Jew I am a Palestinian . My mom was born Palestine. The majority of the people then were Jews. It was during the time the Brits ruled here. Arabs came from different areas and also did not really have any history here.
Do you know that in Gaza itself there were Jews before they were all murdered years ago?
We have history there going back 4000 years. They do not even have 75 years. Even the PLO agree that their is no such thing as Palestinian Arabs. I will leave you with one thought.. Why is Egypt or any of the other Arab countries not willing to take them in? The reason is because they are even more fundamentalistic and they had attacked them many times and those Arab countries m slaughtered those Palestinians. FYI- Jordan is really a country with a majority of Palestinians but its built on dictatorship. Hope I gave you some food for thought. Bulls.
Geee Louise!! what I am saying is if you were born in USA you are better off than 99.99% of the population in the world!!
Do you know 99.99% of the so called domainers are from USA , why? because they can afford to register domains and the currency is in USA dollar.
$10 USD to register a domain is like $$$$$$$$$$ a million shit currency and it is between life and death –just buying food in most countries.
Again, you are just lucky to be born in good ole USA
Ususally I don’t respond to annoymous “truth” id but in this case I make it an exception .
Maybe you can show your identity to make it a real @truth!
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@Truth- Geee Louise!! what I am saying is if you were born in USA you are better off than 99.99%…
Took Zoom long enough to switch!
I usually like reading your comments but in this case the last part is bulls…… :-). They brought it on…
You can have all the skills you have but it still takes luck, timing and at the right place and…
LOL.. in my case, the domain name I tried to buy wasn’t a misspelling or alternative spelling. It was a…
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