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Over the weekend, I noticed the Micro.CO domain name was forwarding to Micro.Company. In the normal course of web browsing, this wouldn’t be surprising, but given the context, it surprised me. GoDaddy Auctions had announced that Micro.CO was included in its NameFind private auctions closing on December 15th:
Looks like https://t.co/ePiQKJvhDN was acquired by @microdotcompany. Interesting that the auction at @godaddyauctions ended yesterday and they're already forwarding the domain name. The name I won (https://t.co/4emG3LaPTX) hasn't been provisioned to me yet. https://t.co/FV8TYTi0iZ
— Elliot Silver (@DInvesting) December 16, 2023

How the heck did the winning bidder manage to secure the domain name in such a short period of time? It generally takes many days for GoDaddy to provision domain names won via GoDaddy Auctions. In addition, I had won a domain name on December 15th, and it was not delivered to my GoDaddy account.
I think I figured out how they managed to get the name so quickly and I did not.
When I win an auction at GoDaddy, the company automatically charges my credit card 3 days following the auction. Several days after that, the expiry domain name is transferred to my account at GoDaddy.
With these private domain name auctions from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio, there is not an extended period of time required to provision the domain name. Once the payment is secured, the domain name can be transferred. Instead of waiting for GoDaddy to charge my credit card, I can pay for the auction immediately. This should allow GoDaddy to release the domain name to me right away.
I realized this over the weekend and submitted payment on Sunday. First thing this morning, I received a follow-up email notifying me the funds were secured. The domain name was provisioned to my GoDaddy account.
I can’t say for certain this will work for everyone because it might depend on payment method and account standing, but it was how I got Posto.com provisioned more quickly than usual. If I win another NameFind private auction, I will be sure to manually pay for it right away.

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