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Highlights from Escrow.com Q3 2023 Domain Investment Index … – DomainInvesting.com

This morning, Escrow.com released its quarterly Domain Investment Index for the Third Quarter of 2023. This report offers a broad overview of the domain name aftermarket with data from transactions closed via Escrow.com. The entire (free) report can be accessed via this Google Drive link shared with me by Escrow.com.
A few of the datapoints highlighted in the report that I found interesting were:
Not all quarters are equal when it comes to domain name sales. In addition, single, one-off transactions in a quarter can also skew the quarterly results in present time and in prior quarters. For instance, one seven or eight figure domain name sale in one quarter can skew results enough to make future quarters look weak.
While other marketplaces like GoDaddy may have more individual sales than Escrow.com, I believe Escrow.com still handles many of the highest value domain name sales. As such, this report offers a good – consistent – view of the domain name aftermarket.
What about the $1.5m sale of a .ai from Barrie?
I imagine that was Q1 or Q2, which could explain why .AI sales “eased to $1.3M from $1.8M in 2Q23.”
I am guessing Q4, as in recently (the single 1.5m sale) – surely Agent.ai.
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