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High Profile Domain Names Get Stand with Israel Logo – DomainInvesting.com

I came across a domain name yesterday afternoon, and a change to its prior landing page caught my attention. It looks like domain names utilizing the MarkUpgrade domain brokerage landing page have added a Stand with Israel logo along with a link to the American Friends of Magen David Adom website. Magen David Adom is Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service.
I think this is notable because of the extensive reach of the domain names utilizing the MarkUpgrade landing page. For instance, ten high profile domain names that I found that use this landing page include:
One MarkUpgrade-parked domain name that is likely seeing a substantial amount of traffic right now is Cowboys.com. This domain name was famously acquired at auction in 2007. I would have to imagine Cowboys.com draws a considerable amount of traffic this time of year.
I doubt the company would share, but it would be interesting to know how much traffic the Stand with Israel linked logo is sending to the AFMDA website.
Seeing that link reminded me of the FMA.com website years ago that had links to the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Habitat for Humanity. At one point, I believe, FMA domain names like Cool.com, Media.com, Research.com, and many other top domain names were redirected to the FMA website with those humanitarian organization logos and links.
Domain owners have a powerful collective voice. Let’s use it for good.
#Registrars #Brokers #Portfolios #ParkingCompanies
Stand with Israel for killing civilians and children. Since October 7 more than 3000 children have been reported killed in Gaza.
Hamas -ISIS targeted civilians. Israeli army does not purposely target them.
Israeli soldiers fight to protect Israeli citizens while Hamas hides cowardly behind citizens.
What happened on the 7th of October was a massacre done by Hamas. They purposely targeted a nature party and they just shot ,tortured ,murdered, raped and dragged kids, young women and men and slaughtered them. Parents were brutally murdered in front of their kids.. eyes were taken out, people burnt in stake all tied up purposely. Beheaded. Women’s stomachs with babies in them were just slaughtered. Horrible. They also took many as hostages too. More than 200 youngsters were murdered there.
In 9/11 , 3000 people were approximately murdered in the US. This is out of a population of at least 300M.
Israel is at most 10M people. There are 1300 people murdered by Hamas. In US numbers it is as if 30,000 people were murdered in 9/11. So these are insane numbers. This is 10 times more of what 9/11 was to the US (!!).
The US went to war for a lot less. We have been struck in our homes. Time to just WIPE out Hamas-ISIS. There is a limit of what a country can take. I am not for killing little kids. God forbid. But they educate them from age 0 that the US, Israel and the western world are all to be destroyed and murdered. Those kids will grow up to be future terrorists. We give whoever wants a chance to leave.. but whoever stays- will have to bear the consequence.
98% of the population there is Hamas and Hamas supporters. They purposely hide their weapons under hospitals and in civilian’s home. They are terrorists.
If Israel were to put down its weapons there will be no Israel. If the Palestinians would -they would have a flourishing state in Gaza. Israel tried to help them become a viable and economic success. We gave the electricity for free, and gave them a chance to . Heck, one of their top leaders had head surgery in Israel. Do you understand how much we have bent towards those evil people? Their philosophy is to pretend and then come and murder you.
I am impressed that you believe the numbers Hamas gives of kids killed there Hamas is obviously an honest and peaceful group. Cheers to you!.
Well, there are endless clips of Hamas painting kids, as if they were hurt and then you see them jumping up or people in bags as dead bodies but then those bags are quickly opened up so they can breathe and leave once the video and footage is taken. I am not saying innocent people wont get hurt but that is a price of war. A ware we did not start. However, the number of innocent people there is almost nonexistent.
We have been suffering from them for years. We are for peace. But the Palestinian authority and Hamas are terrorists just like ISIS. They educate their kids to hate, murder and that life has no meaning. A 3 year old gets candy when he stabs a picture of an American soldier or Israeli person. The western world represents all evil in their eyes. The kids learn math there and in the Palestinian authority. How much are 5 Jews minus two Jews that you kill? That is in their books(!!)
We do not teach or preach for hatred. They do.
So this is going to take time and many countries will side with Gaza, but the bottom line is that no country would agree to such a thing that has been ongoing for many years.
The Palestinians have more than 20 (!!) Arab countries they can leave too. We have one (!!) Jewish homeland. That is it. We are smaller than New-Jersey in size.
They chose the way of death as their way of life.
Other countries can take in the few innocent on their side (it is really less than 2%). They used Gopro to video themselves and what they did and one can hear them calling their parents who were so proud of them murdering us. There were terrorists who used to work in Israeli towns and villages for 20 years. They gathered intel on those places and then came back murdering the people who gave them work and wanted to live with them in peace.
Turkey and Russia are welcome to have them as they support them. It would be less than 1% of their land.
Friday I was in a city near Tel-Aviv buying again a big Mac for my father’s caregiver. However, the siren started and I just dropped everything looking for a bomb shelter.
Anyway, my friend’s son is a hostage held by Hamas.
Basically, there is no person in our country who does not know someone who was either wounded, killed, or taken hostage.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to turn Hamas which is basically equal to Gaza=ISIS into one big parking lot.
A monument for the world. A monument for terrorists, to know what the response will be when terrorists act as they did. This is our 10 times 9/11 (!!).
Hamas is using innocent Palestine people as shield .
The innocent Palestine people need to send GPS locators to IDF where the Hamas are hiding
Hamas is just a group of terrorist that has no uniform and does not show their faces.
Have anyone seen a Hamas soldier?
Where are the tunnels? Show us pictures
When all done, there should be 2 state….and each one mind their own business.
There are so many corrupted politicians in Gaza.
We stand with Israel.
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We stand with Israel.
Great upgrade.
Hamas is using innocent Palestine people as shield . The innocent Palestine people need to send GPS locators to IDF…
Hamas -ISIS targeted civilians. Israeli army does not purposely target them. Israeli soldiers fight to protect Israeli citizens while Hamas…
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