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Google rolls out “.ing” web domains—and prices are already in the … – Yahoo Finance

.com is so 1990s. Make way for .ing web domains.
Google has rolled out a new top-level domain that will let companies build websites that reflect a single word, such as writ.ing or play.ing. To get one, though, businesses and people are going to be pay.ing big bucks.
Early registration for the domains run as high as $13,000 a year, depending on the prefix. (Writ.ing, for instance, will cost you that amount. So will that other "ing" word that we're not going to print, since we're a family site.) Some go for just a couple hundred dollars. The new suffix is in an early-access period right now with Google, meaning you’ll have to pay a one-time fee to be among the first to use it.
Starting Dec. 5, they’ll be broadly available and likely a bit cheaper.
The .ing domains come 38 years after the original .com domains made their debut. Those predated the World Wide Web, as we know it, by six years.
In that time, all sorts of new domain suffixes have popped up, from .ly to the more controversial .sucks. While an online presence has long been an important part of most companies’ business plans, e-commerce operations became essential to many during the pandemic, leading to a surge in registrations with web hosting service and registrar GoDaddy.
New domains also often force corporations to play defense, scooping up any URLs that might be associated with their business before squatters do, potentially hurting the brand. (Alphabet, famously, failed to secure many .xyz domains before it changed its name from Google.)
Early adopters of the new domain so far include Adobe Acrobat, which snagged edit.ing and sign.ing; Giving Tuesday, which took giv.ing; and travel discount site Going, which went with go.ing, naturally.
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On the same day the U.K. gathered some of the world's corporate and political leaders into the same room at Bletchley Park for the AI Safety Summit, more than 70 signatories put their name to a letter calling for a more open approach to AI development. Over the weekend, Facebook parent Meta's chief AI scientist Yann LeCun took to X to decry efforts from some companies, including OpenAI and Google's DeepMind, to secure "regulatory capture of the AI industry" by lobbying against open AI R&D. "If your fear-mongering campaigns succeed, they will *inevitably* result in what you and I would identify as a catastrophe: a small number of companies will control AI," LeCun wrote.
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"You’ll get higher wages, but then you have to pay enough in extra housing costs," says Berkeley's Jesse Rothstein. "You lose all of those extra earnings that you get."
Today, some confirmation of one of those has arrived: The U.S. security giant said it would be acquiring Dig. From what we understand, the second deal we reported on at the same time as Dig, for Talon, is still being completed. Together the two companies will total about $1 billion in M&A for Palo Alto Networks, sources close to the negotiations have said.
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It's strange times we're living in when a blockchain billionaire, not the usual Big Tech suspects, is the one supplying the compute capacity needed to develop generative AI. It was revealed yesterday that Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of blockchain startups Stellar, Ripple and Mt Gox and aerospace company Vast, launched a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that purchased 24,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs to build data centers that'll lease capacity to AI projects. Already, the cluster of GPUs — worth an estimated half a billion dollars and among the largest in the world — is being used by startups Imbue and Character.ai for AI model experimentation, claims Eric Park, the CEO of a newly formed organization, Voltage Park, that's charged with running and managing the data centers.
The online dating company said that $40 million placed in escrow will be returned to Match and no other amount will be owed by the Match plaintiffs to Google.
The cuts will impact about 270 out of Conde Nast's roughly 5,400 full-time employees globally, according to a report from the New York Times. The layoffs will be staggered over the next few months and the company is also undertaking a series of other actions including reducing office spaces and closing open roles to reduce costs and invest in strategic growth, Lynch said in a memo to employees.
Communication and internet services within the Gaza Strip have been completely disconnected for a second time in less than a week, according to Paltel, the enclave’s local network operator. “We regret to announce a complete interruption of all communications and internet services within the Gaza Strip, due to international routes that were previously reconnected being cut off again,” Paltel said on X, formerly Twitter.
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Palantir's (PLTR) top line in the third quarter of 2023 is likely to have been driven by healthy business from existing, as well as new customers.
Oil prices plunged after word spread that the U.S. government plans to draw a record amount of oil from its emergency supplies.
Stan Druckenmiller says a long-held belief that the stock market will always go up in the long term may no longer be the case.
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Although the revenue and EPS for Energy Transfer LP (ET) give a sense of how its business performed in the quarter ended September 2023, it might be worth considering how some key metrics compare with Wall Street estimates and the year-ago numbers.
The world runs on energy; just think about how much of your life depends on the little outlets in the walls. For now, the bulk of our power generation capacity is supported by fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas, that are pulled out of the ground. Long-term, however, the social and political pressures on fossil fuels are reducing their use, and will reduce it further. Despite huge subsidies, wind and solar power simply cannot replace the lost capacity, and we will have to find it somewhere
Problems are piling up for electric vehicles. That's not good for Tesla, or any other auto maker.
“The world is changing: I feel it in the water, in the earth, and in the air,” wrote Tolkien of the aftermath of the War of the Ring. We’re not living in an epic fiction, but change is definitely in the air. Our world is shifting towards a more chaotic multi-polar geopolitical reality, and economies are making a difficult switch from easy-money policies to more fiscally restrained regimes. For investors, the immediate effect is felt in stubborn inflation, high interest rates, and an uncertain ma




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