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OpenAI’s ChatGPT service has really taken off in the last several months. With its growth, third party companies and developers have been creating plugins within the ChatGPT platform offering various types of information and services.
GoDaddy recently launched its ChatGPT plugin called GoDaddy Name Search, and anyone can use the free tool to search for domain name ideas. Unlike visiting GoDaddy’s website to search for domain names, users can type in a descriptive idea for their business, and the plugin will return domain name suggestions based on availability. Users can click through on the domain names they like to hand register them via GoDaddy’s website.
I would imagine that most GoDaddy customers and prospects have a business brand name already in mind when they visit GoDaddy to find a domain name. They would do a domain name search, and GoDaddy’s algorithm would return the domain name if it is available to register. In addition, the algorithm would return additional or alternative domain names available to register or acquire via the aftermarket.
With GoDaddy’s ChatGPT plugin, users can enter a descriptive prompt to generate brand name suggestions and domain names that are available to register. At this point, aftermarket domain names are not included in the plugin suggestion or purchase stream.
Here’s a screenshot of a search prompt and result:

Here’s what would happen next when the user selects a brand name from the suggestions:

The user can the click through the link to GoDaddy’s website where these domain names can be hand registered.
A few weeks ago, I used ChatSpot.ai to brainstorm domain name ideas. I registered roughly 20 in total and have them for sale. Andrew Allemann did something similar with another tool, and he already sold one of the domain names he registered. I think AI can be a big help when it comes to brand name ideation and domain name registrations.
I think it would be great if GoDaddy leverages ChatGPT on its website to help users find domain names. It would eliminate some of the potential home field bias that could possibly exist when it comes to returning suggestions. It would be neat for GoDaddy to test ChatGPT-generated results against its own search algorithms to see which produces better results.
In the meantime, I think the ChatGPT plugin is worth a try. I don’t yet have a paid ChatGPT account, but GoDaddy’s plugin would be a reason for me to upgrade.

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