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GoDaddy provides more data to help evaluate your domain names.
How interested are people in owning your domain names?
Domain investors get very little data about interest in their domains. It can only be measured by traffic to a domain (a bad measure because people visiting a domain might not be interested in buying it), when someone inquires about buying the domain, or when it is purchased.
For a while, GoDaddy provided an additional metric: the number of times someone searched a domain in Whois. But this was also a loose metric because bots ping Whois to capture owner data. This metric also became less relevant when the majority of Whois records went private.
Now, GoDaddy has introduced a new metric that should be very helpful: the number of times someone has searched for your domains on its properties.
The new metric is available in 30, 90, and 365-day increments. It’s also available for unique searchers or overall searches.
For example, my domain upmoney.com was searched on GoDaddy, its subbrands, resellers, and affiliate networks 46 times in the last 90 days. 23 of these were unique searchers. This shows the domain is in high demand from potential buyers.
About one-quarter of my domains have some search volume.
This data should be helpful for pricing domains and deciding which ones to renew.
To enable the new feature, go to the columns option in the domain control center, and then select the timeframe you’d like data for. It will then show the data next to all of your domains. (Unfortunately, you can’t currently sort by the column. You can export your list and sort using a spreadsheet program.)30
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Mark Thorpe says

Data confirms what I already knew about my domains.
But it’s still good information to have access to. Better late than never.
J.R. says

This is a good and useful update.
GD has made smart business moves over the last year.
If they lowered their renewal costs, they would erase 1/3 of their competitors within a quarter.
Robert says

They actually lost many if their customers to Name Cheap due to high renewal rates.
Vijay says

Great move from GoDaddy. This compels me to switch to GoDaddy.
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