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Genshin Impact Version 4.3 Leak Showcases Update to Domains – GameRant

New Genshin Impact leaks are teasing a major update to the RPG’s Domains in Version 4.3, making restarting the challenges easier.
A new leak from Genshin Impact is teasing a major quality-of-life update to Domains, making repeating a Domain easier and faster for players. Throughout the wide world of the massively popular HoYoverse RPG, Domains are one of the core features of the game for acquiring useful in-game materials. Domains hold special challenges that pit players against enemies with unique conditions, with Ascension and Talent materials as well as Genshin Impact's Artifacts available as rewards. Now, HoYoverse is looking to make grinding Domains a bit easier for fans.
Genshin Impact has often looked to streamline the user experience in an effort to make the game more accessible for players, with Domains as a particular focus. Condensed Resin offers a way for players to stock up on the game's energy, allowing them to clear Domains faster and for greater rewards without worrying about hitting the energy cap. Version 4.2 would also introduce the "Quick Challenge" for its Trounce Domains, allowing players to challenge the game's weekly bosses before clearing their associated story chapter. Now, Domain farming is looking to get a bit faster with Version 4.3.
A new leak shared by prominent Genshin Impact leaker Kuroo features a new quality-of-life change related to restarting Domains. Following the launch of Version 4.3, players will no longer be teleported to the entrance of a Domain after choosing to challenge a Domain again. Instead, players will be transported directly next to the key, allowing the player to quickly restart the Domain challenge in order to continue farming resources like Ascension Materials. The change looks to significantly cut down the time players need to restart a Domain, no longer being required to run to the key in order to start the challenge.
Genshin Impact's newest Domain changes come as quality-of-life updates have been a focus for HoYoverse since the release of the Fontaine region. Version 4.1 would introduce a major overhaul to Genshin Impact's Daily Commission system, allowing players to earn their daily rewards through different methods than the typical daily missions. Version 4.3 has already seen multiple other quality-of-life changes teased, including in-game Artifact set recommendation and quickly re-assigning Expeditions. Genshin Impact's Version 4.3 is currently expected to launch in late December.
Early leaks from Genshin Impact's Version 4.3 have teased a variety of updates coming with the game's next patch. Version 4.3 will welcome two new characters to the roster with five-star Geo unit Navia and four-star Pyro character Chevreuse joining the game. Genshin Impact will also finally add the Fontaine layout for the Serenitea Pot housing system with the debut of the 4.3 update. Version 4.3's Domain adjustments should make farming resources even easier for Genshin Impact's passionate playerbase.
Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG made by MiHoYo. Focusing on the interactions between seven elements, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha game with a host of characters, weapons, regions, and more.
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