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Fraudulent domains deceive people during festivals; Read to know … – Pune Pulse

Fraudulent domains deceive people during festivals; Read to know more – Pune Pulse
By: Pune Pulse
November 11, 2023
Pune: The Diwali festival commenced and numerous individuals have been making purchases. However, there are people who are unable to spare time for shopping and opt for online shopping for comfort. Nevertheless, it is important to note that online shopping is not entirely secure as cyber criminals tend to target individuals during the festive season and employ various tactics to deceive them.
According to a recent report by CloudSEK, cybersecurity experts have observed a notable surge in cyber crimes during the festive season. Exploiting the popularity of occasions like ‘Diwali’ and ‘Puja’, criminals are resorting to deceptive tactics, particularly through e-commerce platforms, by employing fraudulent domains to target unsuspecting users.
According to CloudSEK, a cybersecurity research firm, a total of 828 domain names are currently being utilized more frequently in Facebook advertisements.
According to the report, fraudulent domains are being created. During festivals, various types of messages, including offers such as rewards or cashback, tend to go viral. However, these messages could be spread by scammers, and clicking on the link or contacting the number provided could put your personal data, including your bank account, at risk.
To avoid falling victim to fraud, it is important to disregard any offers of free gifts received through calls, emails, or messages. Engaging with such offers by clicking on links or contacting the senders can put you at risk.
Here are a few guidelines to ensure your online safety during online shopping:
1. Exercise caution when dealing with suspicious emails and messages.
2. Take care to protect your passwords and avoid sharing them with anyone.
3. Regularly update your software and antivirus programs to stay protected against potential threats.
4. Purchase items only from reputable and trusted websites.
5. Refrain from responding to messages from unfamiliar sources. Stay vigilant and follow these precautions to safeguard yourself from online scams.




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