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27 Nov, 2023, 00:00 ET
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Author Racq Thah opens new discussion on spiritualty and its influence on life pathways
FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz., Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Claiming the spirit domain of a human contains three spirits, author Racq Thah believes each one has a nature – either good or evil – and that the three form the differences, actions, and personalities of each being.
In “Influences from the Being’s Inner Domain Book 3: Influences in the Later Quadrants of Life’s Circle,” readers will learn how the spirit domain’s influence diminishes over time, as other internal components become a higher priority.
“As depicted in this third book, the spirit domain continues to strive to contribute to the being’s existence,” Thah said, “but is hampered through the fourth and final quadrant of a person’s life circle to retain some contribution and identity in determining who they are, how they act, and why they behave the way they do.”
According to Thah, each civilization moves along a circle of life, and every position on the circle at any time is determined by the contributions, acceptance, and influence of the spirits and domains. Thah hopes by sharing his theory, readers will become aware of the spiritual presence within them and may provide influence, knowledge, history, and experience to other beings.
“Spirits never die,” Thah said. “They are released from a being at death and returned to an unassigned pool, awaiting a new assignment to a new being as one of three residents of a domain, or as a guardian. Each spirit retains its store of information, experiences, and knowledge from all its previous assignments and the being’s lives. By embracing the spirit, individuals can develop past senses of inner peace, happiness, and well-being, which will lead to a more fulfilling life.”
“Influences from the Being’s Inner Domain Book 3: Influences in the Later Quadrants of Life’s Circle”
By Racq Thah
ISBN: 9781669839347 (softcover); 9781669839330 (electronic)
Available at: XlibrisUS, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the author
Racq Thah grew up in rural mid-America. He loves to travel and has had many experiences and adventures that helped develop his unique and expanded mind. While writing his stories, he enjoys taking risks when presenting established truths and world receptions. Not only does it challenge his imagination but grows his ability as a storyteller. Now retired from 47 years in managing and consulting roles, Thah is finding time to transform, and share many of his ideas into published stores. He currently resides in Fountain Hills, Ariz. To learn more, please visit the publishers website.
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