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A solar power site, a gaming tutorials business, and a dog food company bought domain names.Graphic with purple background and a dollar sign with the words "end user domain sales"
Before we get to this week’s list of end user sales, I’d like to thank Sedo for providing a list of public sales over $2,000 each week. It’s a great service to the industry and I don’t want to take it for granted.
Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could determine a buyer. You can view previous lists like this here.
Photovoltaikanlagen.de €20,000  – This site is for requesting solar power quotes. It translates as “photovoltaic systems” in German.
AcceptPayments.com $9,900 – Accept Payments Limited is launching its site soon. It looks like it previously acquired accept-payments.com.
WRTN.com $5,640 – It looks like this will be personal blog. Perhaps someone who reads Korean can chime in.
Inquirely.com $5,350 – Inquirely is a service that connects people with experts (tradespeople, lawyers, accountants, etc.) to answer their questions. It uses inquirely.net and forwards the .com to that domain. This was a smart acquisition.
GA.gg €5,000 – GA is short for Gaming Academy, which offers League of Legends guides in German. The domain forwards to GamingAcademy.de.
ATZ.shop $2,800 – ATZ is a marketing agency for entrepreneurs in German-speaking countries. It uses the domain atz.shop.
Zurnal.com $3,000 – Zurnal sells journals and forwards this domain to its site at zurnal.sk. This was a good acquisition at this price.
Butternut.de €2,990 – Butternut Box delivers fresh dog food. It forwards this domain to ButternutBox.com.
CoachingCards.de €2,500 – This site sells life coaching help cards. It forwards the domain to coachingcard.de.
Pulip.com $2,500 – Pulip is a digital agency. This seems like a low price for a pronounceable six letter .com, although I’m not sure it passes the radio test.
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