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Dynadot's monthly .ai auction grosses over $300k with six figure sale – Domain Name Wire

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Here’s everything that closed at $500 or more..Ai in a futuristic looking design Dynadot’s monthly .ai expired domain name auction ended last Monday. It was New Year’s Day and I wasn’t able to keep tabs on the auction. However, I now have the final bid prices.
Assuming all of these transactions go through, the auction will gross over $300,000. That’s less than the auction that closed in December, although the inventory probably wasn’t as strong. It didn’t help that the auction ended on a major holiday, either.
Vision.ai led the pack with a six-figure closing price. Here are all of the domains that closed at $500 or more:
vision.ai 100,000
trick.ai 24,977
insure.ai 24,700
dog.ai 21,311
betty.ai 20,088
he.ai 15,800
initiate.ai 13,200
magazine.ai 10,000
sustainable.ai 7,100
hoax.ai 6,101
persons.ai 6,100
ru.ai 6,100
streak.ai 4,300
producers.ai 4,054
l1.ai 3,850
discussion.ai 3,383
actualize.ai 3,209
astound.ai 2,939
reconstruction.ai 2,827
redrock.ai 2,551
selena.ai 2,345
rainfall.ai 2,025
twice.ai 2,025
epay.ai 2,001
h3.ai 1,934
visionx.ai 1,913
hose.ai 1,631
esignature.ai 1,525
thermostat.ai 1,501
jobfind.ai 1,325
katherine.ai 1,314
stylus.ai 1,289
chateau.ai 1,136
jazzy.ai 1,006
banshee.ai 1,001
enigmatic.ai 999
countable.ai 965
omo.ai 965
calvary.ai 929
cathedral.ai 918
gfe.ai 918
3dprinted.ai 898
fireup.ai 898
ugo.ai 810
employed.ai 807
emg.ai 801
mediq.ai 785
voicestudio.ai 760
brg.ai 740
drain.ai 737
protech.ai 735
zoomer.ai 703
logistica.ai 698
smartcart.ai 695
alx.ai 676
ebanking.ai 676
medscan.ai 671
utc.ai 671
bng.ai 625
documented.ai 616
fixel.ai 616
settled.ai 616
ddr.ai 605
scoops.ai 586
myart.ai 565
reserva.ai 565
waking.ai 561
dinos.ai 551
grains.ai 545
futurelab.ai 544
bhg.ai 515
gtl.ai 515
utg.ai 515
v5.ai 510
york.ai 504
sweeps.ai 501
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Mark Thorpe says

If the domain is not Ai related, you’re wasting your money buying .Ai domains IMO.
Andrew Allemann says

The top three .ai domain sales we know about are you.ai, stack.ai, and npc.ai. Are the second level domains “related” to AI in an of themselves?
Paul Overton says

.AI possesses everything needed to become utterly insignificant. Like the hype cycles before it (xyz, co, io, tv, mobi, app, others), this one too begins with excessive hope and over-the-top optimism. Companies rebrand to incorporate ‘AI’ in their names, label their offerings as ‘AI’, and fill their media releases with ‘AI’ references.
After the initial excitement fades off and things calm down, reality sets in. We find ourselves in a world that’s more familiar than revolutionary. It’s a world guided by basic principles, where history tends to repeat itself, and where money shifts from those pursuing dreams to those who market them.
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