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Happy Birthday, and here’s how you can play a role in Domain Name Wire’s continued coverage.
Domain Name Wire celebrated its 19th birthday on Saturday.
I first published on this site on March 9, 2005. Nearly 15,000 posts later, it’s still going strong.
While keeping this site active can sometimes be a slog, I genuinely enjoy covering this dynamic industry full of new ideas and interesting people.
Thank you, dear reader, for following along for the last 19 years. And a special shout out to the advertisers who have made this site possible. (I currently have a waitlist for advertising, but please get in touch with me if you’d like more information.)
Want to help Domain Name Wire continue? There are a few things I’d be grateful for:
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Andrew Allemann has been registering domains for over 25 years and publishing Domain Name Wire since 2005. He has been quoted about his expertise in domain names by The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and NPR. Connect with Andrew: LinkedInTwitter/XFacebook
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Monte Cahn says

HBD!!!! You and DNW have made an awesome contribution to the industry!! Thank you!
Andrew Allemann says

Thanks Monte!
Mark Thorpe says

Congrats Andrew. Keep up the good work
Andrew Allemann says

Thanks Mark
Shane Cultra says

You’re the best in this industry when it comes to news and I know I speak for everyone when I say Thank You. I know how difficult it becomes to keep up the daily production of content. Just want to let you know we all appreciate it.
Andrew Allemann says

Thanks Shane…as you know, posting daily can be tiring
Blair pauls says

He is the best. I heard you work for Katy Buckley. Have you brokered any names for her?
Ryan – DomainAgents says

Happy anniversary! DNW was one of the first pages I visited when I entered the industry and it’s still a daily read! Also 15000 posts…. geez!
Andrew Allemann says

I was a little shocked when I looked up the total # of posts. About 600 of them were written by other authors.
Green Jobs says

Congrats Andrew!
Ron Jackson says

Happy 19th Andrew & DNW! You have done a world class job over the past two decades in building one of the most invaluable resources our industry has. Here’s to (at least) 19 more!
Andrew Allemann says

Thanks Ron, and thanks for helping to forge the way!
IR says

Cheers to another 19!
Kevin McKim says

Happy 19 Andrew. You’ve always run one of the best DN blogs! Congrats!
BullS says

Congrats and it is not “BullS”
excellent informative site for domaining
Deepak Daftari says

Happy 19th Andrew and Domain Name Wire
I have been reading your blog for years now
One of the best places to read up on all the latest updates
JP says

Happy Blog Birthday Andrew!
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