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Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen is an important strategy in the series, but only a few characters can do it.
Jujutsu Kaisen is among the very best ongoing action anime that any fan can watch. It consists of many strong characters who are armed with various powerful abilities. The characters in the story are always eager to push their limits and increase their strength.
Domain Expansion is one of the most special abilities in Jujutsu Kaisen. It is an advanced barrier technique that helps the user manifest their inner domain, trapping the target inside. Domain Expansion not only helps to capture targets, but it also increases the power of curse techniques and their accuracy. Despite there only being a single season of the anime, fans have already seen a lot of Domain Expansion techniques. This begs the question: which is the strongest Domain Expansion?
Updated on December 4, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad: Using Domain Expansion in battle can swing the pendulum in the user's favor, which is why it is saved as a trump card in most situations. Despite the advantages, Domain Expansions have to be used carefully and at the right moment. With the story progressing at a rapid pace, Gege Akutami has introduced many more Domain Expansions. Each of them offers different powers, so there is a discrepancy in their overall strength. With that in mind, here are the best Domain Expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen.
This particular domain belongs to the Smallpox Deity, which was a Special Grade Cursed Spirit. It used the Domain Expansion against Mei Mei to stop her from reaching Shibuya on time. While it is active, the Smallpox Deity traps the target inside a coffin. Subsequently, it is buried under the ground with the help of a massive boulder.
The Cursed Spirit then begins to count to three. If the target is unable to escape during this time, they contract smallpox and die. Mei Mei managed to counter this Domain Expansion with the help of her brother, Ui Ui. He used a Simple Domain to counter the Special Grade's domain. Without his help, she would have been in a lot of trouble and very possibly died.
Time Cell Moon Palace is a rather interesting Domain Expansion that is used by Naoya Zenin. When the domain is used, a black area covers the environment. The auto-hit ability of the domain hits the backs of the necks of the targets with animation frames.
Anyone caught up in the Domain Expansion has to follow the 24FPS rule of Projection Sorcery. If they don't, the person could end up sustaining multiple injuries. If a person struggles too hard, they could lose a limb completely. The domain also enhances the precision of cursed techniques. There is no denying that it is among the best Domain Expansions.
Deadly Sentencing is Hiromi Higuruma's Domain Expansion. The domain forbids the use of violence, so a person can't attack. Deadly Sentencing forces the target to follow the rules set by the user of the Domain Expansion. The user has to explain the rules because of the Binding Vow.
The trial begins immediately after the activation, and the defendant is given a chance to explain themselves. The prosecutor also has the opportunity to convict the other party. Depending on the verdict, the guilty individual may receive strict punishment.
Horizon of the Captivating Skandha is Dagon's Domain Expansion. It creates a tropical beach environment that has palm trees and a vast ocean. For this reason, it is considered a calm Domain.
Along with the environment change, Horizon of the Captivating Skandha also enables Dagon's shikigami to hit the opponent without fail. Dagon used its power to overwhelm three extremely powerful sorcerers, and left them in a terrible state. Even though this Domain Expansion is powerful in its own right, it pales in comparison to the others introduced in the story.
Megumi Fushiguro's Chimera Shadow Garden is one of the better Domain Expansions revealed in the anime so far. Chimera Shadow Garden covers the area with shadows, enabling Fushiguro to create more shikigami. Fushiguro's ability to manipulate the shadows is also heightened when the Domain Expansion is active.
As he has not managed to master the Domain Expansion, it drains all of his cursed energy and leaves him physically vulnerable. Once he gets better at utilizing the technique, Fushiguro will become even more powerful and will take his place rightfully among the strongest characters in the series.
Coffin of the Iron Mountain is the Domain Expansion used by Jogo, who is a special-grade cursed spirit. Jogo's Domain Expansion changes the environment to that of the inside of a volcano. Coffin of the Iron Mountain is like a large stone chamber where the ground throws up magma. Due to the environment created by Jogo, only skilled jujutsu sorcerers can survive in it.
Jogo can also use a giant rock to attack his opponent, and since it is guaranteed to hit, the opponent cannot escape. There is no doubt that the technique is frightening, and it can easily lead to the death of an individual. However, there are certain ways to defeat this particular Domain Expansion. When Gojo Satoru used his own attack to nullify Jogo's and then proceeded to use his Domain Expansion to overwhelm Jogo's Coffin of the Iron Mountain.
Self-Embodiment of Perfection was developed by Mahito during his fight with Nanami and Itadori. After being pushed to the brink of death, Mahito was able to tap into his latent power, allowing him to unlock Domain Expansion. This particular Domain Expansion turns everything pitch black and creates a network of hands that looks extremely daunting.
Self-Embodiment of Perfection bolsters the power of Mahito's Idle Transfiguration technique and ensures that it always hits the target. Nanami, a veteran jujutsu sorcerer, felt completely helpless when the technique was active, and he called it almost a surefire way to secure victory. The biggest drawback of this Domain Expansion is that Mahito is forced to touch the soul of another person. When he tried to touch Itadori Yuji, Sukuna lashed out at Mahito and nearly killed him.
Considering Sukuna is known as the King of Curses, it is not surprising to see him have a Domain Expansion technique of his own. His Domain Expansion is called Malevolent Shrine. True to its name, once the Domain Expansion is activated, the environment changes to resemble a Buddhist shrine.
However, the shrine is quite disfigured. It has horns and skulls on it, offering a great visual representation of Sukuna's personality and power. Malevolent Shrine is manifested directly into reality, and it does not require a barrier, making it a special Domain Expansion. The radius of the Malevolent Shrine is 200 meters, but it can be narrowed down by Sukuna if needed. While Malevolent Shrine is active, Sukuna can use Cleave and Dismantle to destroy his target. Sukuna used his Domain Expansion for the first time in the fight against Finger Bearer. It will be interesting to see if Itadori Yuji can use the same Domain Expansion in the future.
Unlimited Void is an extremely powerful Domain Expansion that is used by Gojo Satoru. This particular Domain Expansion is a potent technique that obliterates Gojo's opponents quite effortlessly. Unlimited Void brings the user and the target inside Limitless. Once inside, the opponent's mind is filled with all sorts of raw information, which eventually overwhelms their mind and incapacitates them.
It allows the target to feel and see everything, but at the same time, their senses are unable to discern anything. Gojo Satoru used Unlimited Void against Jogo, and he managed to completely overpower the latter's Domain Expansion. Jogo was unable to move and was left at Satoru's mercy. In many ways, it is befitting that the strongest jujutsu sorcerer has the strongest Domain Expansion in the series.

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