Nov '23

Arkas Logistics Company Domain Breach – Atlas News

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We are fundraising! Click the link to learn how you can be an investor into Atlas News!
What happened:
A local user on breachforums by the name of Ddarknotevil is hosting an alleged domain breach and selling access over an account thread. The user Ddarknotevil has offered this host access to domain backups including one with over 30Gbs uploaded for 600$. The server breach in question has access to over 70 domains within Arkas-Logistics internal network.
Arkas-Logistics is a Turkey based logistics company that operates out of 23 countries and staffs over 7300 employees globally. So, the potential data-breach of domain services could devastate the chain at this time. Since the post is still up its hard to tell for certain whether the user has already sold the host account. Back doors such as these are quite common in the critical infrastructure industry and typically occur due to social engineering or typical disgruntled ex-employees.
With the severity of this breach, its hard to make the decision of validity. So the odds may be nothing occurs from this possible breach, but the risks are high right now for Arkas-Logistics if the threat is valid and not dealt with in a professional manner.
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