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The Swiss provider of civil aviation services SITA has decided to disconnect Russia from the international aviation top-level domain zone (.aero), which it administers. Izvestia writes about this with reference to sources in the airport holding, aircraft maintenance organizations and a large air carrier.
Some of the Russian airlines have received notices of the termination of registration and renewal of domains in this zone, sources in the airport holding, a large airline and an aircraft maintenance organization told Izvestia. Izvestia also got acquainted with a letter from Russia's largest domain registrar for business, Ru-Center.
For the part of the decision, which is a response to sanctions and the war in Ukraine, It was noted that it was not possible to immediately disconnect Russia from the SITA aviation domain zone.
There are over 200 websites registered in the .aero domain zone. Approximately 30 Russian airports, including Sheremetyevo, Zhukovsky, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, and holding companies such as "Airports of Regions" and "Aerodynamics," as well as 15 airlines, including "Pobeda," "Azimuth," "Yamal," "Ikar," and "Alrosa," use this domain.

Pobeda Airlines with its ".aero" Domain Zone.
Meanwhile, Russia reportedly attempted to address this issue with money, although not for an extended period. According to one source, the registrar Ru-Center, upon receiving a notification from the Swiss side, urgently extended the validity of the domains for all its clients by one year at its own expense to maintain the functionality of the websites.
"For the complete peace of mind of our customers, we hedged against possible failures and extended the domains of this zone, whose service takes place with us," the press service of Ru-Center explained.
However, Ru-Center says that currently registration and renewal of domains in the zone .aero is possible. Everything is working normally, as the restrictions have not yet entered into force.
For now, it is not clear how the emergency renewal of domains can affect the imposition of sanctions, as Russian media outlets do not have much information on this matter.
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Meanwhile, Ru-Center has advised its clients to transfer their sites to a domain in other zones within a year, without waiting for the expiration of registration in the .aero zone.
Notable here is, Last month , Russia had filed a complaint to the UN body — Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) about violations of air traffic rules by Western countries.
In its communication with the UN body, Russia complained about the ban on the use of airspace for aircraft owned by Russian airlines, the supply of aircraft and spare parts for them and the maintenance and provision of aircraft insurance services.
In addition, the Russian aircraft is being detained abroad, and they have no access to meteorological information for air navigation.The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that 37 states, including the United States, Canada, the UK and all EU members, are defendants.
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