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ABA and Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications launch platform to purchase national domain names through ABA … – Khmer Times

ABA Bank has partnered with the Digital Government Committee (DGC) led by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications to introduce ABA Mobile as a platform for purchasing national names.
ABA Mobile users can purchase a national domain name for their brand, business or organization via their smartphone with just a few clicks of the ABA Mobile app service.
This partnership provides an effective national domain name management system that complies with international standards and promotes the use of the “.kh” national domain for companies, commercial enterprises, organizations, educational institutions and government institutions in Cambodia.
Existing national owners can also use the service to extend the validity of their “.kh” national domain to ensure that it operates normally.
To purchase “.kh” national territory through ABA Mobile, customers need to follow the simple steps below:
* Open ABA Mobile, click Domain .kh under the Services tab on the Home screen
* Create a Domain .kh account
* Search for your favorite national domain name and submit relevant information and documents for approval
* After approval By email from Telecom Regulator of Cambodia, please log in to Domain .kh service in ABA Mobile, click national domain and enter my national domain
. Your ABA.
For those who want to renew their .kh domain, please follow the steps below:
* Open ABA Mobile, click Domain .kh under the Services tab on the home screen
* Open Domain .kh in ABA Mobile
* Select the available national domain for renewal, click National and enter my national domain
* Select the “Pending Payment” status, select the payment period and pay with your ABA account.
Malypoeur Plong, Head of Digital Product Development Unit, expressed her interest in the partnership: “We are pleased to partner with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to launch this new service. We believe that this new service will make it easier for Cambodian businesses to establish their presence on the Internet and expand their global reach, as well as take pride in using .kh in their national domain names. ”
ABA continues to develop and expand its digital banking solutions to meet the needs of customers in the digital age.
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