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A dishwashing company, a food delivery service, and a subscription management platform bought domain names.Graphic with purple background and a dollar sign with the words "end user domain sales"
Sedo had some nice end user sales this week. Some sales I don’t know the buyer for yet are theride.com for €35,000, her .co for $20,000, shipping.ai for $19,999, and slonk.com for €15,000. As for the ones I could find end users for, here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.
Clavi.com $25,000 – The buyer is setting up an online store with Shopify.
Meiko.com $20,000 – Meiko, a dishwashing and cleaning company, forwards this domain to its site meiko-global.com.
Miak.com $10,000 – Miak, Inc. in South Korea bought this domain. I believe the company is in the power tools business.
ItsABaby .com $8,800 – This domain forwards to a page on Focus on the Family’s website promoting carrying a baby to term and not using the term fetus.
ItsSpringtime.com $8,500 – Springtime is a privacy compliance company. I’m not sure about this name choice of using a contraction in its domain, but I understand how the words work together. It looks like UseSpringtime.com was recently registered, so maybe they own that too. Springtime.com is owned by a natural supplements company, by the way.
Fantasmagoria.com $7,600 – This is a Gothic fashion and alternative lifestyle shop. It forwards this domain to the matching .shop domain.
Tezkor.com €5,880 – This domain forwards to the website for Uzum Tezkor, a food delivery platform in Uzbekistan.
ActionZone.de €4,500 – Gum and Fun, an indoor entertainment and arcade company, bought this domain.
FinanceHome.com $4,500 – I’m not entirely sure if the buyer is the CPA listed on the under-construction site or if her name is just from the site template.
Mobilite-Verte.com €4,150 – Upside Down Media in France, an automotive publisher, bought this domain. It means “green mobility.”
MeinCoach.de €3,699 – This domain forwards to telefonakquise.io, which pitches consulting for B2B telephone acquisition.
RentAC.ar $3,300 – This domain hack has been put to use as a simple page about car rentals.
Feinschmecker.at €2,800 – Feinschmnecker is a foodie site in Austria.
Ackumen.com $2,795 – Chemistry company Buckman bought this domain for its Ackumen process management product.
Crac.be €2,499 – Complex Risk Assessment Center is a government department in Belgium.
Subrocket.com $2,200 – Subrocket is a subscription management system. This is a nice name at an excellent price.
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